At Shoreditch Macs, we aim to make getting a Macbook screen repair or Apple device repair as quick and easy as possible for you. Who has time to wait a couple weeks for an appointment at the Apple store? Even avoiding the Apple store can result in waiting until the weekend because other repair stores are closed after you’re done with work.

Shoreditch Macs stays open until 7:00pm every week day, and 4pm on Sundays. So if you want, you can bring your device in for a repair the day it stops working. You can either simply show up at our door and we’ll do our best to help you, or you can use our online quote and booking system to schedule an appointment for a Macbook screen repair or any other Apple device using a few simple steps.

Repair service request

Get an Online Quote

Our free quote system means that instead of travelling all the way to the store for a diagnosis, just let us know what your problem is, and we’ll give you an estimate on the price. We’ll even let you know how long the repair will take.

Our most popular services include Macbook screen repairs, iMac repairs, iPad/iPhone screen repairs, water damage, battery issues, SSD Upgrades, and on-site support.

Let’s take a Macbook screen repair as an example. First select what issue you would like to get fixed.



Next, select the specifics of your Macbook/iMac repair. We aim to solve even the rarest and most difficult issues, so don’t worry if you can’t find your problem listed, drop us a Repair Enquiry instead, and we’ll get back to you within a couple of hours.



Then select what Macbook model you need fixed, and the extent of its damage.


As you can see, we display the estimated price and speed of your repair.  Some of our repairs only take a couple hours, so this allows you to plan your day ahead, giving you the option of hanging around the area, then coming back to pick up your newly fixed device on the same day. Don’t worry if you’re too busy, just let us know when you’ll be able to come back to pick up your repair, and we’ll hold it for you whilst you’re away.

Book an Appointment

Once you’ve viewed your free quote, fill in your contact information and choose the time of your appointment. After you click “Book service”,  your appointment is officially booked! We will send you a confirmation email soon after.


Inspection and Diagnoses

When you bring your Macbook in for your appointment, we will provide further inspection and diagnosis to narrow in on the exact price and time the process will take.

What’s different about Shoreditch Macs compared to other repair shops, is that if you book an appointment with us, you are guaranteed a free diagnosis in store!

Once diagnosed, our team of experts will replace your Macbook screen, run various tests, and clean your device so that its ready for collection.

Collection and Warranty

Once we have fixed your device, we will call you up when it is ready for collection. For bigger devices such as iMacs, if you have no way of bringing it to and from our store, we can even provide a collection and delivery service.

What’s special about Shoreditch Macs is our 90 Day Warranty policy. If you notice your device is till not up to par in the next 90 days, just bring it back and we’ll make sure it’s completely back to its former glory – for FREE.

Book a Macbook screen repair or submit an enquiry about an Apple device repair today.