Although highly functional and generally reliable, you may encounter a problem with your Apple device at some point. It’s worth knowing what can be fixed and where to go if you experience this. Shoreditch Macs are experts at Apple repairs in London. We carry out repairs in-store quickly and at an affordable price. We can give quotes prior to this. Here are some of the most common Apple repairs we can fix.

iPhone repairs

Screen damage is one of our most common repairs, whether it’s scratched or cracked. We’ll look into if you have trouble with a frozen screen or functionality issues. We also carry out battery changes and diagnose Wi-Fi connectivity issues. Whatever your problem, our experts are here to help.

iPad repairs

Like the iPhone screen repairs, we carry out repairs for cracked, scratched or frozen iPad screens. We can replace the battery to give your tablet a new lease of life. Experiencing other issues such as not connecting to Wi-Fi? Try our experts.

iMac repairs

Is your Mac failing to start up or reboot? Perhaps you’re having screen issues, can’t connect to Wi-Fi or can’t switch your Mac on at all. Bring your Mac into us or get in touch with us beforehand to see what we can do. Even if we can’t fix it, we can help with data retrieval so you don’t lose anything important.

MacBook repairs

Our MacBook repairs include screen repairs, water damage, keyboard and Wi-Fi issues, battery replacement, problems starting up and data retrieval. If you have any other problems, just let us know.

SSD upgrades

Is your MacBook running slow and making you lose valuable time? Try an SSD upgrade from Shoreditch Macs. We have several storage sizes available.

Contact us for Apple repairs in London, no matter how difficult you think they may be.